Daygame Nitro



Nick Krauser and his friends in London spent five years hitting on the hottest, sexiest and smartest girls to walk the streets.

They fucked up a lot. They learned a lot. And, eventually, they had sex A LOT!!!

Each one of the guys approached literally thousands of girls. And every week or so they’d sit over a beer and put their heads together, always asking the same questions:

  • What did we learn?
  • How can we get better at this?

The London Daygame Model was born and now Nick Krauser has written it all down into a simple LEARNABLE system.

Yes, that’s right. This book condenses, refines and clarifies tens of thousands of hours on the streets of the best daygamers in the world chatting up hot girls. That’s the definition of accelerated learning!


Hey boss,

What’s the single biggest problem for a guy who wants to pick up women?

That’s a trick question. There are so many problems the average guy faces you couldn’t possibly choose just one! Here’s a few:

  • How do I get her to pay attention to me?
  • What do I say?
  • How do I get her attracted to me?
  • How do I know when she is attracted to me? 
  • Okay, so she’s attracted to me and I know it. But now what?

I’m guessing you’ve already had a good look around for advice on getting laid. You’re here because the products you’ve bought didn’t help too much. They were a bit boring, advised you to do some stuff that sounds frankly… retarded. You’ve probably been on YouTube watching guys hitting on women during the day and thought…. meh!

  • Nerds dressing up in Spiderman costumes and jumping in front of college girls
  • Tall good-looking guys walking up and saying “put your number into my phone”
  • Fat dudes acting gay
  • Crazy-eyed men harassing poor girls, totally oblivious to the girls attempting to give them the brush-off

Look. It could be worse. Possibly.

But that’s no help to a normal guy who wants to meet hot girls. I can tell you a secret right now – most of those interactions in the YouTube videos go nowhere. It’s all “smoke and mirrors” to win subscribers to their channel.

You want to get laid, right?

YES! That’s the spirit! As you’ll see, wanting to get laid is not only your right as a red-blooded man but it’s also the fuel that will fire up your daygame. With my system you won’t ever hide that raw masculine intent.

im going

Many guys — maybe you too — have read dating products then gone out to the streets or a nightclub to try it out. And….. it didn’t go according to plan. That’s because the writers are hiding the truth from you. Things like:

  • They are very good-looking men who are relying on their looks
  • They aren’t actually banging the girls they meet
  • They have a hush-hush “in” they don’t show you, such as VIP tables and connections, which are the real reason the girls want to hang around them
  • The girls are shit-faced drunk, on holiday in Vegas, and half the time they run screaming out of the hotel room before any sex happens

We can do better than that.

younger, hotter

In the past five years, I’ve personally taught literally hundreds of men from all around the world. My fellow London daygamers have taught thousands more. We’ve seen it all. Every single problem a guy might have with women, we’ve seen it and we’ve helped him progress.

Too young? Too old? Socially anxious? Plain-looking? Short? Fat?

You name it, we’ve seen it. Yet these men got better, within months achieving success far beyond their wildest dreams.

Now I’m not going to give you the usual “magic pill” or “one simple step” bullshit marketing here. I’m not promising you’ll be banging supermodels or pimping it like Motley Crue. What I do promise is this:

Wherever you currently stand with women, my system will make you better. Not just a little better, but so much better you’ll amaze yourself. So much better it’ll feel like you won the lottery.

Do you know what makes the normal man get good so fast?

A lean, efficient system with simple, specific advice


I could write forever on every little subtlety, every little nuance that women display when being seduced. Really, I already have – it’s a different product! I can explain to you the psychological reasons women act as they do, and every possible permutation (and how to deal with it to maximise your odds of getting the girl).


most guys

Now is not the time to overwhelm you with a hundred tricks and tips. You can refine and perfect your “game” later. Right now, your big gains will come from simply learning an effective system.

No frills. No fat. Just lean, effective Game.

You need to know the errors you’re making. You need to know a few simple ways to stop the girl. A few ways to get her giggling and laughing. You need to know the signals for when she’s attracted.

That’s why I wanted to create Daygame Nitro — to fill this gap in the Daygame curriculum, and help guys like you achieve success much quicker.


Now, before we go any further, let’s get clear about something.

I am not a beginner Daygamer. I’ve banged over a hundred girls in the last few years – despite being an average-looking thirty-nine year old man. Most girls I bang are in their early twenties and hot. I can fly into a new city and have a hot young girl in my bed by the end of the week.

Usually I write for the advanced crowd – men who are already banging one new girl a month from daygame. I’m known as the “high-end” guy – the coach guys come to when they want to further refine their already tight game.

My big challenge with Daygame Nitro was to boil this advanced knowledge down into a form that a “normal guy” can understand.

That’s been the focus of this book. I’ve squeezed in all the tried-and-tested tricks that we’ve used over the years. I’ve rigorously streamlined it, organised it, and put it into a simple logical order.

The result?

An easy-to-follow model, backed up by cutting-edge theory

A stage-by-stage explanation. The model is presented as a simple diagram at the beginning of the book, and then each chapter walks through each stage in detail, telling you everything you need to know to make it work for you.

Specific things to say and do. There’s no “fluff” or “waffle” in this book. I give you specific openers to introduce yourself to the girl. Specific teases. The book is jam-packed with examples so you’re never lost for the next thing to say.

The inner game. I’ll not kid you – daygame can be emotionally exhausting. You know that gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach when you’re thinking of approaching a girl? We all feel that. I’ll show you the best way to overcome it.


What’s the value of all this information?

I no longer teach. Most of the other guys who helped me develop this method no longer teach. Why would we? We’re too busy banging hot girls and having the time of our lives.

In 2013 I taught two students. In 2014 I taught one. They were specially selected and came with personal recommendations. I’m done with teaching. I’m regularly turning down £5k offers to teach men for just five days. I don’t need the money.

However, I love writing.

I love the idea of capturing this magic on paper. For five years my comrades and I destroyed London. Oh, the adventures we had! We stumbled onto something truly special – we were performing “street magic” week after week. It was a golden era and it would be tragic to let all that accumulated knowledge fall into the dustbin of history.

I feel like a BBC zoologist documenting endangered animals before they go extinct, ensuring the next generation knows how life was lived.

This book shows you how we did it. The models, the student chicks, the lawyers, the tourists. It’s the method we used to get one-hour street-to-public-toilet lays. The method that got us threesomes. It’s how we stole girls from millionaire boyfriends.

Personally, I can’t put a price on that experience. However, it’s pretty easy to put a price on this book.


How Much Does This Cost?


Look, it’s simple. We poured thousands of hours into developing the method. I spent hundreds of hours refining it for publication. I could never put a “real” price on it – it would be £’000s per copy.

But I’m not going to make it an exclusive “underground” product costing thousands. Nor am I throwing it out cheaply. This information is dear to me and I’ve priced it accordingly.

It’s priced for men who are serious enough to pay real money, but it’s not so expensive as to shut out the “normal man” it’s intended to help.

So I’m charging £40 for the premium hardback edition. It’s a deluxe production of 176 pages packed with custom art, diagrams and carefully edited text. It’s a beauty. Just check out the reviews.

There are no plans to release an ebook version. This project is motivated by posterity – I want this London Daygame Model recorded in history. I want hardback books occupying a place of pride on every daygamer’s bookshelf for the next twenty years. An ebook just wouldn’t cut it.

You can be one of those daygamers. Years from now when you’re reclining in a sofa chair, a glass of whiskey in your hand, fondly recalling your “crazy youth” you too can have those stories.

The street pick-ups. The same day lays. The toilet-pulls. And you can look up at your bookshelf and see the book that got you started.

So what are you waiting for? Your daygame adventure begins here.




Nick Krauser