Balls Deep



An average man, of average looks, in the most normal boring cubicle job figures out the secret – how to pick up exotic young women, in the street, in the daytime and STONE COLD SOBER

This book was five years in the making and includes so much pain, so much angst, so much sordid sexual detail that Nick almost didn’t want to release it to the public.



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A message from Nick Krauser,

professional seducer and

Someone Who Should Know Better.


It’s a tough world out there. Cold, hard, unyielding. At times it feels like the forces of cosmic karma don’t want you to get laid. And yet they keep teasing you…..…. all those hot young girls flitting down the street…. those swishy skirts…. the long tanned legs…. it’s enough to drive a man to distraction!
I often meet the men who are chasing them. Whether he’s a “daygamer” who follows The Method (called the “London Daygame Model”), a devotee of another system, or just an ambitious young man who wants to drink some beers and hit on the nearest women. And often when I meet these men, they tell me their story.
Sometimes it’s great news – “Hey Nick, I’ve been using your system for a few months now and I’m starting to bang some nice girls. Thanks!”
Other times…. not so great. Lots of you guys are struggling out there. You aren’t getting what your dedication and work-rate deserves. Maybe that sounds harsh, but it’s every man’s job to look reality square in the face and not back down. I WANT YOU TO GET BETTER WITH GIRLS.
I want you to get what your efforts deserve. But, c’mon. You’re doing things wrong and it’s high time someone told you.
  • Chasing girls around like a little puppy dog telling them they “look great” and “seem to be Spanish”?……. That’s weak. It’s robotic.
  • Getting excited that you extract five numbers one afternoon and then sit on your bed sobbing when none of them reply to your messages?….. Weak!
  • Signing up to OkCupid, Badoo and right-swiping Tinder to get some easy lays with gross slutty women rather than seduce the girls you REALLY want?….. Weak!
  • Tapping away on your keyboard telling everyone on the PUA forum what they ought to be doing, while they are the ones actually GOING OUT AND DOING IT while you sit at home wanking off to RedTube…… Weak!
  • Reading a dozen self-development ebooks to realign your chakras, balance your feng sui and whatever other mindless tosh is written by low-testosterone faggots telling you “men and women are meant to complete each other”…. Weak!
C’mon on. For fuck’s sake. GROW A PAIR!
Stop being such a fucking faggot. Here’s the real deal – LIFE IS HARD. FUCKING LOTS OF HOT WOMEN IS HARD. There, I said it. That’s the most important life lesson over. If you don’t like it, cry me a river and fuck off to another part of the internet……
……Still here? Great! Now we can proceed with HOW you get them and what you’ll go through in your journey towards awesomeness.
We’re talking about a level where you are consistently banging YOUNGER, HOTTER and TIGHTER. I’m talking about those beautiful young girls that every other man is trying to get. And for you to get to that level, it’s going to be TOUGH.
This is how I got to that level. This is how I got to that insane level of constantly banging the types of girl that make the average man weep with desire.


Meet The Man From Northern England Who Decided To Exorcise His Demons By Becoming A Street Seducer, Banging Nearly 100 Women, And Become A Legend On The Internet

Yeah, I’m bigging myself up. But that’s one of the things you’ll learn in my book – Fortune favours the bold.
I’m the writer of KrauserPUA, the world’s top daygame blog. I literally wrote the book on how to pick up women in the day time (two books actually). I’m the co-creator of the world’s most advanced “daygame” system that thousands of men use to successfully meet, attract and seduce women.
I’m also not very modest.
More important than any of this however, is that I know exactly what you’re going through. I’ve been there. I know the difficulties you’ve faced on the street, and I know the ones that are coming when you turn the next corner. I’ve faced them all. I’ve jumped in front of the same bus – MANY MANY TIMES – and I kept getting up, dusting myself off, and doing it again until I FIGURED OUT HOW TO FUCK HOT YOUNG WOMEN.
I have a massive base of in-field experience. I’m now highly sought-after to teach in-person (I almost always refuse, I’m done with that era in my life) and I’ve taught many high pressure “pick up bootcamps” where I’ve been forced to demonstrate my skills for attracting women ON THE SPOT over and over again.
TL:DR? I know what every daygamer is going through, and what they need to do to get to the next level.
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All of this is important to you for ONE reason…
To get to the level I’m at now, travelling the world and seducing new hot young girls every week or so, has required a MONUMENTAL personal commitment to The Game. I changed my WHOLE LIFE to make space for this personal oddessy.
  • I quit my job
  • I dropped most of my friends
  • I went out every week no matter what the weather to hit on girls
  • I put myself through intense pain and introspection
I didn’t half-ass this journey. When I’m committed to something I’m like a fighting dog with a firm grip. You can’t shake me off. So I committed myself for five years and had the most UNBELIEVABLE ADVENTURES.
I didn’t just find a nice girl then settle into the comfortable mediocrity of a relationship. For example, the first time I fucked a Russian catwalk model (the holy grail of pick-up) what did I do?……. I dumped her and moved on to the next score. Didn’t even look back. How many men are that INSANE, that COMMITTED to getting better NO MATTER WHAT THE COST?
It was heart-wrenching. Bleak, desolate, grinding. And I kept going, putting one shaky foot forward and then the other. Day after day. Week after week.
And now I’ve committed it all to paper. For the past six months I’ve been scribbling away for hours every day. Dredging up the most squalid, most exciting, most disappointing and MOST INSTRUCTIVE stories of my journey.

How cool would it be if the world’s top daygamer took six months out of his life to patiently and painstakingly write down exactly what he went through and what lessons new daygamers can take from it?

Okay, I’ve given you the “I’m awesome, listen to me” speech. I have to, the Gods Of Internet Marketing would strike me down if I didn’t give a belligerent product pitch.
Nonetheless, I’d like to take a minute to “get serious” with you here, because this is YOUR LIFE we’re talking about, and I personally feel that the STAKES ARE HUGE.
Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and think what you REALLY NEED from a book to help you get better with women.
I’m guessing that the “How To” is already dealt with. You’ve bought the cheesy Become An Alpha Male and Super Seduction 101 System ebooks, or whatever shit scammers are pushing nowadays. You’ve read them, deleted them, and probably since found a few good instructional manuals written by men who REALLY DO BANG HOT WOMEN.
Great. I’m glad you did. That means my book will connect with you.
Now imagine if a top professional seducer, a man known for intense dedication to his craft, decided to write a book that would hold your hand and lead you through the toughest parts of the journey. A book containing all the juicy details, all the “aha!” moments of learning, the dreadful near-misses,  and most importantly the CONTEXT of it all.
A book that tells you exactly what to expect (and how to deal with it) when making what is – let’s be honest here – the most important journey of your life.
I’m talking the type of book where you’d be able to read it, and instantly understand the process of what it takes to gain total mastery at meeting, attracting, and seducing exactly the women every other man is fighting over.
This is what the Player’s Life really looks like. Warts and all. This isn’t a happy-clappy Oprah-friendly memoir. This is a book you OUGHT to hide from your friends. You OUGHT to feel a bit embarrassed if someone catches you reading it on the train to work.
This is seedy, underground material.
There aren’t many such books around. Really, think it through. What would it take to produce a memoir of this detail, quality and accuracy?
  1. Keeping a detailed record for years on end of every girl, every story, every little nuance including all of the failures.
  2. Spend your whole adult life honing your writing and story-telling skills until you can keep a reader in rapt attention from beginning to end.
  3. Devote serious time to sitting in front of a laptop banging out the manuscript page after page, foregoing all the distractions around you.
  4. Having lived the life and accumulated hundreds of crazy stories of chasing and sexing pretty women.
  5. Having the freedom to write whatever the hell you want without risk of alienating friends, family and employers.
Not many men can tick all five boxes but Nick Krauser can.

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Nick climbed the mountain and kept notes the whole way. He seduced 100 girls in four years. Younger, hotter, tighter. How many average-looking middle-aged men can claim that?


So here it is – my first two years on the path to becoming a professional seducer. Two years walking the streets, hitting the bars, travelling the world with one goal – GET GOOD WITH WOMEN.
  • We aren’t talking about sex tourism here. I didn’t go to the Philippines or Dominican Republic to rack up notches from grotty semi-pros with a white man fetish.
  • We aren’t talking dumpster diving either. I didn’t get a single grotty Tinder slut. Not a single woman over thirty. Barely any had visible tattoos or piercing.
  • We aren’t talking about milking a special “in”, such as hanging out with rock stars or setting up a modelling agency.
This was all done straight and above board: Hot young women, with no money or “gifts” involved, no lying and no bullshit. Hordes of other thirsty dudes wanted these girls but they slept with me BECAUSE THEY FANCIED ME, and it was all down to my LEARNED CHARISMA. Many of the girls had only slept with one or two men before me in their whole lives. I did it in a way that can be reproduced by the average man.
You’re about to walk the same path. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone ahead of you lighting the way, saving you THOUSANDS OF HOURS from getting lost, discouraged and broken down.
I’ll tell you right now that I WOULDN’T CHANGE ANY OF THIS FOR THE WORLD. I’d do it all again. It’s been a fantastic journey. Epic highs and crushing lows. A true emotional roller-coaster.
Most men are lucky if they have ONE “you gotta hear this” war story of seducing a hot young girl. This book is packed with DOZENS. And by reading it you’ll be getting closer to living your own crazy war stories.
So, “you gotta read this!”
Sit back, light up a cigar, and open your own copy of BALLS DEEP.
Nick Krauser.


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